Sam Adams offers three corporate keynote presentations. The first is titled, ‘Seeing Your Success Through My Two I’s.’  The second is, ‘Race To A Finish Line.’  The third is “Press Pass.”

Each presentation offers insights to Sam’s careers in journalism and entertainment. Each includes anecdotes and enlightening views about success taken from Sam’s personal encounters with an impressive list of athletes and award-winning entertainers.

Sam has more than 30 years of experience as a sports journalist, in print and electronic media. In 2003, the Colorado Association of Black Journalists named Sam its Print Journalist of the Year Award recipient. In 2019 Sam became the first African-American sports journalist ever inducted to the Hall of Fame for the prestigious Denver Press Club, the nation’s oldest press club. 

When Sam speaks of reaching higher levels of success it is done so from personal experience. At age 26 he sought advice on how to become a sports writer. By day he worked as a clerk at an insurance company. For part-time work he covered high school sporting events for the Denver Post, during weeknights and weekends. At age 32 Sam was hired full-time at the Post. He spent the next two decades covering numerous high-profile sporting events, including four Super Bowls and two Olympics.

At age 49 Sam made a full-time career change to standup comedy in 2009. That year he was a prize winner at the Great American Comedy Festival. The video clips from his 2017 Dry Bar Comedy special have attracted more than 50 million social media views worldwide.

 Sam Adams is the contact for all of his public speaking engagement inquiries, both in-person appearances as well as virtual settings. You can contact him by phone at 303-805-4166. Also, direct your email inquiries to

Here are the descriptions for Sam Adams’ three presentations . . .


The two I’s: Impact. Impression. In this engaging presentation, Sam utilizes his storytelling skills. Citing his own career experiences, Sam focuses on how making a positive ‘Impact’ while leaving a favorable ‘Impression’ will strengthen relationships in the workplace, and lead to business and personal success.

The key takeaways from this presentation:

  • “Preparation
  • “Persistence vs. Patience”
  • “Personality”
  • “Professionalism”
  • Passion


This presentation captures Sam’s unique perspectives on diversity, and the delicate yet volatile topic of race relations. By relating his personal experiences, which range from experiencing high school violence in Cleveland, Ohio to time spent reporting at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia to performing standup comedy in predominantly white towns across America, Sam’s storytelling inspires audiences to seek common ground, whether talking about or being confronted by racism. This presentation is suitable for all settings.

The key takeaways from this presentation are:

  • Recognize “Blind Spots”
  • Acknowledge “Hurdles”
  • Confront “Deafness”
  • Extend “Baton”


Is Sam Adams a sports writer performing standup comedy, or comedian performing sports writing? See him do both in “PRESS PASS” — a unique, upbeat visual pairing of Sam’s two impressive careers into one entertaining presentation.

In 2003 Sam Adams was voted “Print Journalist of the Year” by his peers in Colorado. In 2019 he was inducted to the Denver Press Club’s Hall of Fame. During a 37-year career as a sports journalist Sam was assigned to cover many of the world’s most acclaimed sporting events – from Super Bowls to Olympiads. During that time Sam encountered more than his share of interesting, if not comical moments.

An embarrassing situation that nearly cost Tiger Woods a professional tournament victory. Caddying for NBA great Charles Barkley in a celebrity golf tournament. Trading basketball shots with football Hall of Famer John Elway. Those are just a few of the many stories shared from Sam’s sports journalist career that he’ll perform in “PRESS PASS.”

Afterward, there is a “PRESS CONFERENCE” session with the audience, which will lead to more of Sam’s insights on sports —and most likely, a few more comical behind-the-scenes tales.

Elway wrote the following for Sam’s book titled, ‘If You Don’t Believe Me: Lessons Learned From Listening to the Greats’: “Through the ups and downs of an NFL career, I developed great trust, respect and appreciation for Sam. Blending an uncanny ability to mix humor with keen insight and knowledge, Sam is a one-of-a-kind storyteller.”

“PRESS PASS” is a must-see performance for all settings AND all ages!


“FANTASTIC presentation today!  Thank you so much, for sharing with our group. We appreciate your words of wisdom and humor gathered from your life experiences and interactions with others.” — Emily G., Rocky Mountain Workforce Development Association

“I enjoyed your presentation at the COVA Conference so much! It was the perfect way to end a conference, and a true inspiration.” — Hazel H.

“Sam, you not only hit a home run but scored a goal and a touchdown — sort of like a hat trick. Your talk was from the heart. It touched me as human, which we all are.  Building relationships from the heart and mind, not our skin – which can’t think – is the takeaway I took from your presentation. You are a great storyteller, and in my studies, in order to be a great leader you have to be a great storyteller.” — John H.