This Sam Adams is the comedian based in Denver, Colorado — not the guy on the beer bottle. He performs a hilarious, energetic, 100-percent profanity-free brand of comedy and is a headline performer at corporate events and comedy clubs across the country.  

In 2018, the “True Color” video clip from Sam’s Dry Bar Comedy special (titled ‘Incoherently True’) went viral, with over 10 million Facebook views in less than 72 hours.  Since, the “True Color” clip has amassed over 31 million views, and the overall views of Sam’s Dry Bar Comedy clips for one year surpassed 41 million.

Sam started standup comedy at age 41, and made it his full-time career at age 49, after leaving the 2009 Great American Comedy Festival as its most unique winner still to date.  Sam won the festival’s first-place prize in the amateur division and, after accepting a last-minute request to replace an ill contestant, finished second in the professional division.  

Sam’s previous career as a sports writer spanned three decades and ended in 2009.  In 2019 he was inducted to the prestigious Denver Press Club’s Hall of Fame.  Sam also is a television commercial actor and motivational public speaker.